Non-Poodle Skirt

In a few weeks, our church youth group is hosting a Valentine’s Banquet – a ‘back in time’ Valentine’s Banquet. Consequently, we are all to wear 40’s-80’s clothing. =)

Yesterday, I got a pattern and some fabric to make myself a poodle skirt – well, actually, it probably won’t have a poodle on it, but it will be the same style. =) Here’s a picture of the pattern:


The fabric is sort of a shiny true blue. I cannot believe how huge it’s going to be, though! A full 360 circle, but I like it already. =) I just need lots underneat to make it stand out a little bit.

God Bless!



8 thoughts on “Non-Poodle Skirt

  1. How fun! My mom made me a poodle skirt (with a poodle on it!) several years ago for a 50’s themed party I went to. The fabric was a dark red. The funny thing is, I won a $50 prize for “best dressed” that night out of all the girls! lol I still have the skirt, but it doesn’t fit me anymore. I bet you’ll look really cute in yours! 🙂


  2. Maddie E. says:

    How cute! 😀 I used to want a poodle skirt. 😀

  3. I bet you will just love it! My mom made me a poodle skirt a long time ago and I just loved it…I wore is out completly! They are really nice in denim.
    Have fun with it! I bet it is going to be just lovely!

  4. BethAnn says:

    How fun!!!!!! 🙂 Hope I get to see it sometime!!

  5. Lizzy says:

    Totally cute!!!! Did Corrie’s picture of me give you the idea? 🙂


  6. Rachel says:

    No, it was just a ’50’s thing, so it works. =) I got the plaid scottie on it today. =)

  7. Angela says:

    Ah, so now I know exactly what you were trying to describe. That’s really neat! I hope I can see it sometime.

    Love you!


  8. Kathy says:

    I hope you will post pictures of the event. I would love to see them, and I’m sure Kayla would too. It sounds like fun.
    Kayla’s mom, Kathy

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