Golden Zucchini Bread

No. It’s not really zucchini bread. It’s summer squash bread. But doesn’t Golden Zucchini Bread sound enchanting, exotic, intriguing?

Doubtful. Can anything with zucchini sound “enchanting”? Fat chance.

I’m too lazy to pull out the recipe and tell you how I changed it, so this is a non-recipe. Have fun!

You’ll need:

1. Your favorite zucchini bread recipe.

2. Yellow squash.

3. Candied ginger.

First of all, replace the zucchini in that favorite zucchini bread with grated summer squash. First golden part.

Next, when you get it all mixed up, add some chopped, candied ginger. About 1/4 cup for 2 loaves, or more!

If you like raisins in your bread, you could enhance the goldenness by adding some golden raisins. Wow.

Bake normally. Eat normally. See if anyone notices it’s golden. Fat chance.

Enjoy your abundance of zucchini!

God bless!



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