Fun with Fondant

It used to be such a mystery. Fondant. What is it? A surreal mixture. It’s what “they” use to make “their” cakes so smooth and beautiful.

So Corrie (my little sister) and I made it. We wanted to play with it. And we did.

We didn’t use it to ice cakes. Not this time, anyway. So don’t go getting weird ideas in your head about velveteen five-layer cakes.

We made trains. Thomas the Train. And his friends.

We decorated cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday. Because he loves Thomas the Train. Before, I never understood the obsession with Thomas the Train. What was the attraction? But now that I have a three-year-old nephew, I understand. I found myself in the kitchen making Thomas the Train cupcakes. With fondant!

I still have a lot to learn about fondant, though.

This is the recipe we used. I think we added too much powdered sugar, since it was pretty dry – hard to mix with the food coloring and to form.

Don’t ask the cupcake recipe I used, since I didn’t follow it very well. Right. Don’t ask.

Here’s the frosting recipe we used. It’s good stuff.

And here are the cupcakes.

Didn’t Corrie do a fantastic job on the rails and signs? And the engines were a together effort.

It was our fun thing to do together.

We like to cook together. A lot.

Who do you like to cook with?



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