Making Pysanka

“Pysanka” are Ukrainian Easter eggs. But who says decorating eggs is just for Easter? My little sister received a Pysanka kit for her birthday, and though she has decorated numerous eggs since then, Tuesday was my first time to make one.

The method for decorating Pysanka is different than other Easter egg-decorating methods. You fill a your kistka with beeswax, melt the beeswax, then “paint” the beeswax on the egg.


Then you soak your partially-beeswaxed egg into the first dye, usually yellow or another light color. Next cover the portion you want yellow with beeswax, and dip the egg into the next color. Keep going until you have the egg you want! Usually the last dye you dip the egg in is black or navy. The possibilities for pysanka are endless. Just google it. Here’s some of ours:

Really, don’t follow my directions. I was just trying to explain a little what making pysanka was like. It’s not like I even have that much experience…I’ve just made one. But does it count that I’ve watched Corrie and other people make them? I’m sure it does.

To wrap it all up, decorating pysanka is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your little sister. Love you, Corrie!



2 thoughts on “Making Pysanka

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I never thought that I could use “eggs” and “gorgeous” in the same sentence. But may I have the infinite honor of saying: those eggs are absolutely beautiful! It’s a shame that hardboiled eggs are made for eating…those are almost too pretty! Regardless and needless to mention, you guys are amazingly artistic!

  2. Corrie says:

    I love you too, Rach!

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