The Banana

Sorry, folks. Another photography post. In my next post, however, I’m going to tell you about a pear coffee cake. But you’ll have to be patient until then.

My good intention was to add this to The Pioneer Woman’s food photography assignment, but that, like many of my good intentions, went down the drain. The photography assignment is over, the winner is announced, and I am left with banana pictures.

I was taught in a photography course that every good picture has a purpose. So I must have a purpose for my bananas. My original purpose was the photography assignment. That works. But what now? Should my purpose be to make you feel inspired to load up on extra potassium? Should this picture make you feel gleeful, lighthearted, and overall cheered? Should it be to protest all the bruises that bananas have these days?

I guess my purpose now is to share with you my photography endeavors. The beauty of a banana – from a different angle. The dark end – on a third. A graceful c-curve sweeping your eye along the banana and up to that dark end. That’s why I like it. And why I don’t like it? I don’t think I had enough depth of field. You want to see a little more banana than you do.

A question: how could I make these bananas a healthy, golden yellow without being garish?

But for now, they’ll just have to do. Coming up next – Pear-Pecan Coffee Cake!

Ever and always,



One thought on “The Banana

  1. Liz says:

    okay so what if you reflected light on the counter and had a blast of light coming up under the bananas? Wouldn’t that change the coloring of the bananas?

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